Wild 3L Ranch

Contact Us

For Reservations or Questions 
Please Text 920-251-1989.
I am your guide, secretary, and getting your horses ready for your ride so text is easiest for me since I can look at it when I do not have my hands full. When my hands aren't tied, I will get back to you as 
soon as I can and answer any questions that you may have! 
Most questions can be answered through the webpage.
I do NOT have a secretary or an office. My truck is my office.
You can also call 920-251-1989 and if I don't answer please leave me a voicemail.
I will check emails at the end of the week.

Summer Hours
Monday through Sunday 9am-7pm

Ride times are: 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm. 
You need to arrive 20 minutes in advance for your ride.
Reservations are needed but you can text us to check for same day availability! 
Weekends do book up quickly so please book your ride a few days in advance. 
We trailer to a state park and only have so many horses that fit in the trailer. Also once I leave the farm at 8:15 am we are at the park for the day!

We do have different types of rides, so the times are not always available when there are longer rides out!

Spring Hours/Fall Hours

March to May we will start between 9am and 11am depending on temperature. The last ride will go out 2 hours before the sun sets and depend on temperature.
September to October we will start between 9am and go till dark.
November 11am till 3pm (last ride out at 3pm)
We are closed during gun hunting for deer in November which is the weekend before Thanksgiving and goes until the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Winter Hours 
Depend on the weather!